ViSt3D: Video Stylization with 3D CNN

Ayush Pande 1, Gaurav Sharma1, 2

1IIT Kanpur, 2TensorTour Inc.

Visual stylization has been a very popular research area in recent times. While image stylization has seen a rapid advancement in the recent past, video stylization, while being more challenging, is relatively less explored. The immediate method of stylizing videos by stylizing each frame independently has been tried with some success. To the best of our knowledge, we present the first approach to video stylization using 3D CNN directly, building upon insights from 2D image stylization. Stylizing video is highly challenging, as the video motion, which includes both camera and subject motions, and appearance are inherently entangled in the representations learnt by a 3D CNN. Hence, a naive extension of 2D CNN stylization methods to 3D CNN does not work. To perform stylization with 3D CNN, we propose to explicitly disentangle motion and appearance, stylize the appearance part, and then add back the motion to decode the final stylized video. In addition, we propose a dataset, curated from existing datasets, to train video stylization networks. We also provide an independently collected test set to study generalization of video stylization methods. We provide results on this test dataset comparing the proposed method with 2D stylization methods applied frame by frame. We show successful stylization with 3D CNN for the first time, and obtain better stylization in terms of texture cf.\ the existing 2D frame by frame methods.



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